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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential to connect with your loyal customers. You can grow so much faster by simply creating posts on a consistent schedule. The hard part? Finding what to post about. After a discovery phase with your brand, we go out and curate the highest quality content to share with your users. 


You can take it a step further by advertising on social media and reaching out to potential prospects. Sounds like a lot of time and work? Yep, it definitely is. That's why we take it off your plate so you can concentrate on what excites you!



Let's talk numbers. The screenshot you see was taken directly from one of our client's ad account. The number that we love focusing on is ROAS (return on ad spend). You'll see that one campaign is currently getting a 5.80X ROAS. This means that for every $1 this client puts into ads, they get $5.80 out. 


And if you are selling services, or are a local business looking to gain awareness and increase foot traffic, giveaways are an awesome route to take with social media ads. The above giveaway generated 474 email leads for their sales team to follow up with and introduce them to their brand. That's only $0.27 per sign up!

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