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Blogging: Why Aren't You Doing It?

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Too many business owners in Denver never use blogging to help them in their SEO strategy. Are you one of them?

With blogging, you'll want to identify a couple topics that your audience cares about or finds interesting. Then you can begin creating a blog on each of these topics. Make sure you use keywords that relate to each topic, that way your content can begin to rank organically. The best part? You can use this blog as content for your social media channels and announce each time there is a new one made - then link to it.

Over time this could lead to high quality back links if your content is discovered by an influencer. But the name of the game here is consistency. If you stay consistent, you'll be surprised on how many new website visitors you'll receive and even more surprised when those visitors turn into customers.

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