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Digital Marketing Trends That You Can No Longer Ignore

Digital marketing moves so fast and there is so much of it, it's tough to keep up! Here are some trends that you should check out and potentially put into use:

- SEO Split Testing

SEO split testing is particularly helpful in online funnels, so if you have one of these set up, you're going to want to pay particular attention here. There are plenty of tools out there to help you split test your pages and improve your organic ranking. However, a lot of those tools are incredibly pricey! If you've been keeping up to date on your search rankings (which you definitely should be), and you've come across a couple of related ideas and you aren't quite sure which ones to use, test it out! Create two seperate pages and focus on each search term independently. After some time has passed, check back to see which page is doing better and continue to improve your content.

- Articifical Intelligence (AI)

Ranging anywhere from customer service to understanding how your customers found you and what you should reccomend to them, AI is becoming more and more prevalent in the digital marketing space. It certainly makes things easier for business owners, so definitely look around and see what you can find to help increase your digital marketing efficiency.

- Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you aren't sure what PPC is, think about that Google ad you see at the top of your Google searches. Or think about the Facebook ads you see once in a while in your feed. PPC is continuing to advance and allowing marketers and advertisers to make ads more and more custom depending on customer behavior. In fact, most of the ads you see now are run by programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is actually AI that allows marketers to spend less time monitoring their costs and actions. The AI helps your ads perform by using real time bidding and bringing your cost per customer acquisition down.

- Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming more advanced by the day. These are fantastic tools to use as a first touchpoint for your consumers (if implemented properly of course). This helps your response time increase, makes customers get their questions answered faster, and brings down your time spent in repetitive tasks.

- Personalization

Sending out custom product offerings for each of your customers is huge given the availability of buying history data. This is usually seen when a customer receives an email from your company about potential products, blogs, or other information they would find valuable. Many marketers and small businesses believe this helps improve customer relations.

- Video Marketing

It's certainly no secret that video is taking over. Pretty much everyone agrees now that videos are more likely to be engaged with, shared, and to increase conversions. Get on video if you haven't already!

- Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when you work with someone who is well respected in your industry. Usually this can be in the form of a collaboration or payment for a shoutout online. It is incredibly effective given the fact that if people hear about a product or brand from someone they trust, they are much more likely to go and check out said product or brand.

- Voice Search

You know the Alexa products and Google Home devices? When people ask for something such as a restaurant near them and these devices provide suggestions, it is key that you are one of those suggestions. This is still being adopted, but definitely something to consider as younger generations come along and are native at using this technology.

So ultimately, as marketing your business becomes more and more tech filled, make sure you are continuing to focus on what the customer needs and offering them what they want!

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